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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Easy peasy, kinda cheesy — Puff pastry rollups

This whole idea seems too simple for a recipe, but here's what I did:
It's probably better to put the filling
closer to the edge than I did.

The finished rollup
was delicious!

Take a puff pastry sheet and cut it into fourths. Lay out whatever of your leftovers you like near the edge of one square. I used chopped ham and turkey, sweet potatoes with black walnuts, cranberry sauce with pinot noir and topped that with a bit of smoky gouda cheese.

Roll those up kind of like a sushi roll, then bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes or until they are bubbly inside and golden on top.

If you're a single person like me, you could probably cook these longer and slower, taking the rollups out just before their tops turn golden. Then you can rebake them during the week and they will seem fresh. But you want to be sure the insides come to temperature if you're going to do it that way.

For a second batch of something a little bit different ...

Scallops with cranberry
and smoky gouda.
I rolled up some chopped turkey with scallops, spinach and smoky gouda.

On a couple I added a touch of the cranberry sauce or subbed in ham for turkey, just playing around with different flavor combinations to see how they'd do.

The scallops cooked through in about
15 minutes in my 350 degree oven.

Just thinking aloud, here ...

Something else you could do is make a cranberry sauce breakfast tart.

I'd lay them out flat instead of rolling them up. Just spread half a puff pastry square with cranberry sauce and maybe sprinkle on some feta cheese too. Fold the tart over into a nice triangle and crimp to seal. Then bake until just before golden.

Or fill a flat pastry with a triangle of your ham, an omelette and some cheese. Voila breakfast on the go.

Since those would be flat, you could pop them in the toaster for a quickie breakfast the next morning.

Top with some cranberry sauce
or a Chardonnay cream sauce.
I have to say, these were quite good!
This is really a fine formula for almost any leftover you want to repurpose for a quick meal, I think. Lots and lots of flavor combinations and shapes possible. I think prep time on these was maybe 15 minutes and that included taking some pictures. So fast, so easy, so good!

Serve your new creations with a nice salad on the side and a complementary wine. That way even you won't feel as if you're eating leftovers, even though you know better!

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