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Monday, November 14, 2011

Music and a two-timing pumpkin pie

The afternoon sky today threatened to wash the pretty red cardinals from the leafless limbs outside my window. Nonetheless, the day felt sunny to me.

I was still in the "glow" from our Sunday night house filk (what would otherwise be known as folk but for a typo that stuck a long time ago) and the pumpkin pie and wine tasting! What a wonderful evening it was! There was music, there was laughter, there was pumpkin pie and wine! Wonderful!

I cannot lie. It was very hard for me to remain faithful to just one choice! They were all so good with the pie! I liked the late Harvest. I liked the Port. I liked the Adam's choice. I waffled between the three through two slivers of pie ...

But ultimately I had to go with Adam's Choice, casting the first vote for this little German white, which is manufactured somewhere around Herman, Missouri. It is wonderful!

There were two more girls who chose Adam with me, but then two guys and one girl went for the port! That left us with a tie. What to do?

Mark graciously helped us break the tie
but also found it to be a tough choice!
Mark graciously agreed to break the tie. He tried the port first and pronounced it first rate. I could tell he thought it unbeatable. It looked as though that would be The One?

Then he tried the Adam's Choice, and puzzlement began.

"That is pretty good, too," he said. "I don't know ..."

There followed another bite of pie and more of the port. Then more pie and Adam's Choice. Then more pie and port, then more pie and Adam's Choice ...

"Nothing wrong with either of these for pumpkin pie," he declared.

"But I think I'm going to have to go with ...

"Adam's Choice!"

And so the tie was broken, but just barely. Adam's Choice walked into the sunset with the pumpkin pie at its side.

I would definitely serve Adam's Choice with pumpkin pie for a happily ever after Thanksgiving tale. You can find this little gem at the 214 liquor store http://214liquor.com/ which carries a wide array of Missouri and other specialty wines. It is also available from the winery at http://www.adampuchtawine.com/.

However if your guests have a predilection for port, that one shines as well, and it is available from the Crown Valley Champagne house, http://www.crownvalleywinery.com/.

Our host enjoyed the Chardonel
and the persimmon wines, ultimately
choosing the persimmon as the best.
I will add that all the wines in this little competition were all stellar and had their fans. The host of the singing declared the Sand Creek Chardonel http://www.sandcreekvineyard.com/ and the Buck Mountain Persimmon http://www.buckmountainwinery.com/ to be finest as sipping wines.

I personally found the persimmon wine went really well with the edam cheese someone had brought, and I would really like to recommend the persimmon wine spiked with habanero peppers. It wasn't part of this particular competition obviously, but I was given a sample at the winery. What a fine cooking wine that is going to be! I'm going to try it in some chili!

She was not a fan of wine,
but was a fan of the late harvest
from St. Francois Winery.
The cream sherry was described, somewhat lovingly I might add, as "smoooooth" by a couple fans. You can find it at the Stone Hill Winery http://www.stonehillwinery.com/. I'm not a big fan of sherry, but if you are, this one would be hard to beat.

And last but definitely not least, the Late Harvest from St. Francois Winery http://www.stfrancoiswinery.com/ was enjoyed immensely by a certain non-wine drinker in the crowd.

It is a star! Like sweet sunshine in a bottle. I plan to enjoy more of it soon!

As a side note, the Adam's Choice went remarkably well with the sweet barbecue meatballs and the sushi trays, too, as well as the pumpkin pie. Really, this wine is has great versatility and seems to blend well with a wide array of flavors. I have to thank David Young at 214 for recommending it. He's tried most of the Missouri wines available from 214 — there are quite a few of them — and this one was his pick for pumpkin pie! Obviously a great choice!

So now to the giveaway ... I'd like to give a bottle of the Adam's Choice to a random reader if I might. Just send me a little email if you're interested, or comment here on the blog that you'd like to enter the drawing!

And I know I've yet to write out the recipe for pumpkin pie. Before Thanksgiving, I will, I promise!


  1. Thanks for mentioning 214 - we'll have to check it out next time we're over that way!

  2. 214 is a neat little liquor shop, Joy. They have just about any kind of wine you can imagine, and if they don't have it, they will special order it for you. A cook's dream!

  3. Well, you know I'm partial to Adam's Choice, I voted for it at the filk.

    Hope your dinner goes well.

  4. Hey Kathy! All righty you're in the contest for a free bottle! ; )


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